Join Us As Gym Crew

The key ingredients that we value MOST when it comes to hiring people to join Team Muscle Theory are Integrity, Honesty, Passion, Ability to Communicate and Willingness to Learn. Without these key ingredients, the ‘technical skills’ of the applicants become irrelevant.

Current Vacancies

Gym Crew ensures that our members receive exceptional service and experience from a passionate, engaging and friendly staff in a clean and well-maintained facility. Gym crew supervises and resolves all membership issues, promote membership signups, update weekly reports and uphold company standards.

Responsibilities of the Gym Crew include:
• Report to in-line Manager of all activities in the Gym.
• Promoting gym Membership sales and arrange for trials /admin work
• Providing friendly and supportive supervision in the Gym
• Providing customer inductions and gym tours for new members
• Providing challenges and social activities for customers
• Maintaining clean, neat & safe facilities

How To Apply
Please feel free to drop us your resume [] with a complete summary of information containing (but not limited to):
-Full Name
-IC/ID no
-Contact No
-Full Address
-Email address
-Recent Photos
-Facebook Page
-Expected work period (Eg. 6 months, 1/6/14 – 31/12/14)
-Preferred working hours.

In the resume, please include any relevant working experience in the past. Tell us anything that may be of interest to us and why you want to join us.